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Romantic ideas for Men and Women

IDEA # 41
Buy a tree with your partner and plant it in a special spot. Each year on your
anniversary, have a glass of champagne next to your tree and talk about how
your love and the tree have grown.
IDEA # 42
If you shower first in the morning. Steam up the bathroom and write a
message such as "Pete Loves Kathy" on the mirror for your partner to read
when she uses the bathroom. This also works on car windows when it's cold.

IDEA # 43
As a special gift, name a Star after your partner. A number of astronomical
agencies allow individuals to name stars and you receive formal
documentation identifying the star that you have named.

IDEA # 44
Find a comic strip that relates to something that you and your partner have
shared together, for example perhaps you both work in the same office and
you find a Dilbert cartoon that relates to the politics at your workplace.
Enlarge the cartoon using a photocopier and use white-out to cover the
cartoon text. Type up your own text that relates to you and your partner and
paste it in the appropriate places and then photocopy the cartoon again so
that it looks like your text was the actual text of the cartoon.
For an added touch, get your customized cartoon laminated before giving it to
your partner.
IDEA # 45
When you and your partner are enjoying a restful time away, organize to wake
up early one morning and go to a scenic spot to watch the sun rise.
This may seem difficult but it is something which is definitely worth doing at
least once. Seeing a new day being born is something really special to share
with your partner.

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